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Founded and Directed by Leticia Abajo Torrijos.


Deshaciendo Nudos. Untangled is a family education, mentoring and coaching practice. We work with individuals and families promoting education and well-being.

Our main areas of work are intergenerational and intercultural communication in our society and the family including LGBQIA2+

Mission, vision and values

Our vision is that of a more just, more equitable and healthier world for all beings that inhabit Mother Earth.

  • Demonstrating empathy and authenticity in our approach to every situation.

  • Upholding commitment and honesty in outlining the steps necessary to accomplish our objectives.

  • Exercising responsibility and respect for the unique life journey of each individual.

  • Aspiring to contribute to the cultivation of a more empathetic, accessible, and fulfilled global community.

  • Providing guidance devoid of value judgments throughout the process of individual or familial learning and development.

Improve society by providing education and courses of action in matters essential to family and personal well-being to create a safe and courageous space for learning and personal growth that positively impacts the life of each person.

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