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At Studio DNU we work with communication in a unique and creative way.


Communication is one of the essential facets for the integral development of the human being and the survival of all living beings. We work to enhance this skill and thus improve the lives of the people in our community.

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Gracias por escribirnos.

I have participated in the Family Communication and Mutual Trust Workshop facilitated by Leticia. It has been extremely useful to me to continue cultivating my skills as a mother and human being. The topics are relevant and week by week we share in the space the exercises, lessons, and experiences that each participant has. Leticia's facilitation is impeccable, she not only validates each experience, but also normalizes the challenges we face when guiding our little ones today, which fills me with encouragement. She also gives us ideas from her experience and knowledge that are culturally appropriate and consistent with the socio-emotional development of each child. I definitely recommend your workshop. 
My name is Adriana and I want to share this testimony about what Miss Leticia helped me. She has helped me in the group since 2016 with relaxation practices for anxiety and stress and also when the pandemic started I was very afraid of everything that was said and she helped us a lot with the online talks. She is a very good person and I have many meetings with Miss Leti. Thanks to her I have endured all this.

Adriana (2020)

Ingrid (2016)

I attended the workshops taught by Leticia during the pandemic, a very challenging stage for me due to the uncertainty and the distance between my family and me. What impacted me most was the strength that we achieved as a group little by little and, without even realizing it, connecting through our deepest values and emotions, without fear of being judged, being guided by Leticia towards acceptance, commitment and the decision to make significant changes in our routines that would make us feel again in control of our lives. . After each workshop I felt empowered and supported and knew how to handle difficult situations much better.

Carla (2020)

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Join us to be part of the change towards a world where everyone can express themselves with confidence, understanding and empathy. Your support can make a difference in the lives of many. Together, we can build a bright future through the power of communication!

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